When I entered the real estate business almost 10 years ago, after spending more than 20 years as a data scientist in a Fortune 200 company, I saw there was a huge amount of data available about real estate that wasn’t being used very effectively. So, I decided to focus my practice on analyzing and mining that data, using state of the art techniques, to see what it could tell us about property values.

This helps both my sellers and my buyers. For sellers, I can zero in on what their home is really worth in today’s market, For buyers, I can find the best values in their desired neighborhood. For both buyers and sellers, I can provide information on what potential improvements could add the most value to their home, to recoup when they sell.

I’ve looked at thousands of actual sales over the past year. Did you know there is one improvement you could make to your home that the data suggest could add up to $100,000 to its value?

And every neighborhood is different – in some places, certain improvements don’t add any value at all!

Interested? Why don’t we schedule a confidential consultation? I can review your home and improvements you’ve already made, and report back my findings. There is no cost or obligation for this service.

When I started New Realty Concepts, I decided it was important to share my learning with the community. I live in South Florida, too, after all. Healthy, vibrant and high value neighborhoods are in all of our best interests.

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