To be frank about it, there are a lot of Realtors in this market who sell houses using the method of the “Three P’s”. Those are:

Put the house in the Multiple Listing Service;

Put a sign in front;

Pray that somebody shows up!

Which is more often than not followed by the fourth P:

Price Reduction!

We get it. Among our competitors the philosophy is:

“Get the listing get the listing, the listing is everything, promise the world to get the listing, somebody else will find the buyer, get your sign in front, don’t come back to the office without a listing!”

Not Us. We have made the strategic decision to do business differently. That’s how we differentiate ourselves.

Here’s the New Realty Concepts difference:


1. 55 Days. That’s all we ask for, because that’s what you should expect.

At New Realty Concepts, we don’t take 6 month or even 12 month listings, the way many of our competitors try to do. And there are two reasons for that.

First, our proprietary research has shown that – unless the home is worth more than $2 million – 55 days is more than long enough to get a contract for sale. And it usually happens sooner.

We price and market your house right, the first time.

Second, if your home hasn’t sold in a relatively short interval, then only one of three things has happened:

a. The price is too high.

b. The market has taken a sudden turn for the worse.

c. You and the Realtor are not communicating well.

And if one of those has happened, you don’t want to be locked into something!

You expect results. We want to deliver you the best price possible, in the shortest time, with the fewest challenges. You have enough other things to do. Let us handle that one.

2. We are your Exclusive Protector throughout the process.

Did you know that when you work with a Realtor, they are almost never working for You, but are working for the transaction?

It’s true. Now, the Realtor is committed (by the Realtor Code of Ethics) to treat you fairly. But sometimes, especially in something as important as the sale of a home, there are some things you would really rather keep between yourself and your closest advisers.

That’s why at New Realty Concepts we work as fiduciaries – a complex sounding word that simply means we owe our loyalty exclusively to You.

3. You’re never just a name on a whiteboard.

No one at New Realty Concepts ever has more than two active listings at one time. The focus in the transaction has to be on You. And if you’re being shuffled from one “team member” to another, or not sure why your Realtor is rarely available, then fear not – we only take on the clients we can Protect, and not one more.

4. We have Superior Valuation Knowledge.

Our Broker-Owner, James Oaksun, truly is “Florida’s Real Estate Geek(SM)”. From the posts on our website, to his regular column in South Florida Gay News, to his involvement as a Director of Florida Realtors, he has developed exclusive and proprietary methods of valuing single family homes in our coverage areas.

You don’t want any surprises when you have a signed contract and are waiting for the buyer’s appraisal. Your home will be priced right the first time.

No one else in South Florida can offer this expertise.

5. You will be part of changing the World.

At New Realty Concepts, it’s not just about buying and selling houses. Anybody can do that. There is more – not merely in the way we conduct business, but in what we share with you, with our communities, and with society.

Our commitment to you does not end when the final papers are signed. Working with us can add you into a network of like-minded people, seeking to bring more Light to a troubled world.

As a first step in that process, New Realty Concepts will share 10 percent of any commission it receives from your transaction with a nonprofit organization, chosen by you from a list of our partners in world progress.

We are not just a real estate brokerage. We operate like a “benefit corporation” and have stated written objectives that go beyond just maximizing profit under all circumstances.

We are change agents. You can be too. Let’s talk and share more!

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