I pay to be a Realtor, so you don’t have to! 🙂

No, seriously.

Yes I know you’ve probably been out on Zillow and Trulia looking around already.  And that’s cool.  They’re fun sites.  They have their limitations and their strengths.  We can sit down and talk about them at your convenience.

One of the things I have to offer is real time updates.  There are a lot of properties that don’t flow out of Zillow and Trulia when they are sold or are taken off the market.  Sometimes it feels like I spend a good chunk of my day answering inquiries from clients about homes they saw on Zillow that sold 6 months ago.

The link below takes you to my portal into the South Florida Multiple Listing Service.  That’s an up to the minute inventory of everything from north Palm Beach County to south Miami-Dade.  Check it out!


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